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New in V3.0: Administration// Command Line Tape Tools - Bulk Duplicate



  • Paul Wright

    A general comment about these scripts is that whilst the are incredible handy to have (especially bulk format), they really should be accessible from within the SDNA GUI.

    Perhaps they could be located under a 'Utilities' tab?

    I don't want my normal users ssh'ing into a machine and running scripts from the command line. It could lead to all sorts of problems.



  • Doug Hynes

    We are, in fact, working on incorporating these features into a GUI in an upcoming release of DNA Evolution, but wanted to provide them as soon as possible to our users.  For those new to the StorageDNA user community, this is typically how we introduce features - making sure the "plumbing" works before putting on the fancy trim, as they say.  These tools are actually more "Admin" centric, and not really meant for "normal" or "limited" users, so I've added that to the title to reinforce that concept.


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