Tape Verification




  • Lin Brummett

    Gareth, did you ever get an answer for your question? I have been curious about the same thing.



  • Doug Hynes

    Hi all - 

    First, it is imperative that files on disk NOT be deleted until a verification has been run.  We indicate this in the GUI, as well as our documentation (both User and Admin Guide). If a file (or files) fail verification, you can then re-archive the file(s) into the same archive using the media label function in the Archive Console, which will force the system to re-archive the file into that archive.  You could use "Verify Failed files" as the label.  You could also create a separate archive dedicated to this as well.



  • Lin Brummett

    Thanks Doug!


  • Gareth Bryn

    How do i archive a single file, I can only select folders from the Archive console.

  • Gareth Bryn

    If a file fails the checksum. How do you re-archive that file?

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